CBD Capsule Products

The Benefits of CBD Capsules

Encapsulated cannabidiol, or CBD capsules, are any sort of tablet, pill, gel tab, dissolvable tab, or suppository meant to deliver CBD. CBD capsules come in various forms, including as CBD isolate, full spectrum, day and night blends, or targeted blends attempting to hinder specific ailments. There are also CBD capsules that are created to release CBD over an 8 – 12 hour period slowly. CBD capsules are one of the more common methods of introducing CBD into your system. CBD capsules often come in a 30-count container and range from 15 – 50mg of CBD per capsule. If you would like to try CBD capsules but are having trouble figuring out which amount would be best for you, please give us a call at (702) 514-4042. We would love to help you out.

CBD Capsules are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD. Very similar to the way edibles work, CBD capsules are ingested into the stomach and are therefore subject to your digestive system. Often, CBD takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to get into your system through a capsule; and subsequently, for you to feel its effects. The bioavailability of CBD capsules is somewhere between 4 – 20 percent, depending mainly on your own physiology. In other words, if you ingest a CBD capsule with 50mg of CBD, you will receive 2 – 10 mg of CBD into the bloodstream. CBD Capsules are the best method of using CBD if you do not want any other ingredients or oils included. The most common form of taking CBD is through the use of sublingual, but they are always delivered through a carrier oil. If you want CBD in its purest form, then CBD through a capsule is your best option.

There are two main ways of taking CBD capsules: ingestion and orifice insertion. The usual way of taking CBD capsules is by ingesting them. After swallowing a CBD capsule, the CBD is processed by your digestive system and distributed through the bloodstream. This is what the bioavailability of 4 – 20 percent refers to. However, suppositories, which may be uncomfortable to use for some people, have a higher bioavailability due to higher absorption and lower first-pass metabolism–about double that of oral capsules. This means that from a 50mg CBD capsule you will receive 4 – 20 mg of CBD into the bloodstream.

The most significant value of CBD capsules is their ease of use. Most individuals are accustomed to taking tablets in pill form, so the use of CBD capsules requires no transition. Because CBD capsules are digested in the stomach CBD is directly interacting with the stomach lining. As such, any ailments that are located mainly in the abdomen or digestive region may be affected in a more significant way by CBD capsules. Such illnesses may include appetite, bowel syndromes, indigestion, metabolism, and the immune system. Another great benefit of CBD capsules is for avoiding the taste of CBD or hemp that often comes in other forms of CBD intake. The ease of use and simplicity of ingredients make CBD capsules and easy choice.