CBD Edible Products

The Benefits of CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are items that you eat or drink which contain CBD. Edibles containing CBD come in many forms, such as candy, protein bars, water, fiber, baked goods, peanut butter, and so on. The way in which CBD is distributed through the edible varies depending on the form the edible is in. For example, if you have a CBD edible candy that has a total of 150mg of CBD, then the CBD may be distributed through 5 pieces of candy at 30mg a piece. In congruent products, like honey or peanut butter, the CBD should be homogenized throughout; meaning you get the same amount of CBD in every spoonful.

CBD Edibles work similarly to capsules, insofar as they are ingested into the stomach, and then digested into its many forms. Because the CBD in the edible is going through the digestive system, much of the CBD is lost. Edibles have a bioavailability of between 4 – 20 percent; depending largely on the physiology of the one eating them. A big reason why you may want your intake of CBD through edibles instead of another method is because of the taste. The actual taste of CBD or hemp is not favorable, but is easy to mask when in edible form (though that doesn’t mean that the manufacturer is always successful in masking the CBD/hemp taste). Additionally, CBD in edible form may work better for pain and other issues in some people’s bodies. There are some ailments that would be targeted in a greater manner if attacked by CBD in edible form; such as bowel syndromes, immune system deficiencies, blood pressure, and the like.

CBD in edible form insinuates a product which is ingested orally. There are several types of edibles to choose from. If it is CBD tea or coffee, then you brew the drink as you would with a standard version. A normal coffee or tea can also be spruced up by adding a CBD honey. CBD honey can also be used on a piece of toast, as one might do with CBD peanut butter. There also exists in edible form CBD olive oil and CBD butter. The higher quality versions of these products is such that you can cook with the product for upwards of 10 minutes without losing any CBD to evaporation. Edible CBD can also come in the form of baked goods, where one would simply add water. And finally, you may use an edible CBD product with nanotechnology. This type of product is special because it allows CBD to absorb directly into the stomach lining, which is much more beneficial than having the CBD get completely processed through the digestive system.

A lot of the value found in edibles is their way of use. CBD candy after dinner for desert allows you to hit your sweet tooth and get your daily dose of CBD. Honey infused with CBD in a cup of tea after work is a wonderful way to wind down for the night. Getting a container of CBD isolate to make your own goods is a fun way to get your intake of CBD in the exact form you would prefer. As mentioned previously, the best reason for using an edible for your daily CBD dosing is when targeting specific ailments for pain relief and chemical balancing. Remember, always consult with your physician if you’re on other medication.