CBD Vape Products

The Benefits of CBD Vapes

CBD Vapes are a product which produces smoke by heating a concentrated form of CBD. The smoke is inhaled into the lungs and then exhaled. CBD Inhalers come in two ways: either as a disposable pen or as a cartridge. A disposable pen works immediately out of the box and is thrown away once emptied. The disposable pen utilizes an internal battery. A CBD cartridge, on the other hand, requires an external battery to function. The cartridge is screwed to the top of a battery, utilized until empty, then detached and thrown away. CBD inhalers also come in different types: CBD isolate, global spectrum, or full spectrum. Depending on the exact result you are looking for is what will determine the best CBD inhaler for you. If you feel unsure of which CBD inhaler to pick, give us a call at (702) 514-4042 and our customer service team would be more than happy to help.

CBD inhalers are most often used to negate headaches, stress, and anxiety; although, some people enjoy using them for pain relief and sleeping issues. CBD inhalers provide the quickest absorption rate. In other words, CBD inhalers allow CBD to get into the bloodstream quicker than any other method, thus allowing the user to feel its effects generally within five minutes. The bioavailability provided by the inhalation of smoke is usually between 35 – 46 percent. This means that for every 100mg of CBD inhaled, between 35 – 46 mg get into the bloodstream. Because of their discreteness and ease of use, CBD inhalers are an excellent choice for when you want to have CBD on the go.

There is a commonly used rule that’s good in general, known as the 6-second pull. Inhale from the CBD inhaler for six seconds straight into the lungs in a gentle, deep breath, then exhale slowly. When done this way, you usually do not need to take a second pull. However, this rule is not hard and fast. Sometimes, the battery may burn at a hotter temperature. In such cases, you may feel like you burned your throat and the taste of the CBD and its possible terpenes will taste burnt. If this happens to you, make sure you drink a glass of water. From then on out lower your pull length to 2 – 3 seconds and take a second pull. If you are using a cartridge, realize that the standard threading for cartridges is 510. If you have a unique battery, then you may want to find out your thread count before purchasing a cartridge. However, once you have a cartridge and it is attached to your battery, the same rule applies as long as the battery is in its lowest heat setting. Again, if it is too hot or if the battery voltage is invariable, you may want to lower your pull length to 2 – 3 seconds.

The most significant attributes of a CBD inhaler, as mentioned earlier, are its discreteness and ease of use. The reason CBD inhalers are so popular for targeting migraines and anxiety is because of how quickly the inhalation of CBD takes effect. Often, headaches and anxiety grab us suddenly, when walking through a mall or the grocery store or when we’re at work. CBD inhalers are great for immediately targeting these distressing symptoms and putting them in their place!