CBD Pet Products

The Benefits of CBD for Pets

Pet CBD are products which are specially packaged or formulated for animals–specifically animals who have an endocannabinoid system just like humans. Pet CBD can come in similar forms to what humans use, such as tinctures, or can be in a supplement form which one would add to their pet’s regular food. Often, pet CBD is formulated in such a way as to benefit the animal user maximally. However, because CBD has the same beneficial properties for animals as it does for humans, some products used for pets are precisely the same formulation as they are for humans. For example, a tincture containing CBD on an MCT oil base may be used for both humans and pets, and only the label has changed.

Pet CBD is incredibly beneficial to improving the life of your animal. If your dog has arthritis, or your older cat is becoming sluggish, pet CBD can help. Working on the same principles with regards to bioavailability and absorption rates, depending on the ailment ascertains which pet CBD product will work best for your animal. For example, if your dog gets very anxious when you’re getting ready to leave, you can put a relaxing supplement in their food that will de-stress them within 30 minutes of eating. If your dog is extra hyper, whether it be due to age or personality, a CBD tincture directly in the mouth does wonders. If you have a horse who is starting to suffer from arthritis, then having a pet CBD topical or using a tincture can extend your horse’s life noticeably.

Depending on which ailment is being targeted is what will determine which product is best for your animal. If there is a call for a tincture, then the best application is to put it directly in the mouth of your pet. Alternatively, one could always place it in food or water if their pet is unreceptive to the tincture in their mouth. If the product is some form of supplement, then the best way to apply it is by mixing the supplement in the animal’s food or drink. If the issue calls for some form of topical, due to a skin condition or some type of near-external inflammation, then rubbing a liberal amount of the substance on the afflicted area provides the best result. If you are unsure which pet CBD product would be best for your animal, then give us a call at (702) 514-4042, and we’d be happy to help.

Pet CBD is valuable for the same reasons as CBD is for humans; namely, that animals, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system with CB2 receptors. This allows the body to readily accept CBD and utilize it for chemical and physiological regulation. Often, veterinarian visits can be expensive, particularly if your animal must go regularly. Pet CBD has the possibility of negating or slowing down specific ailments. If your pet is on another form of medication, be sure to consult with your veterinarian whe